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Small Group Guaranteed Departure Tours of Jordan

Crusaders Tour - 3 Days and 2 Nights - Start Amman - Finish Aqaba / Amman


A real blast through Jordan. Excellent if you don't have much time as you still get to see Madaba, Mount Nebo, Kings Highway, Kerak, Petra and Wadi Ru. Perfect for the time poor traveller. Click here for full itinerary

Highlights Tour - 4 Days and 3 Nights - Start Amman - Finish Aqaba / Amman


A quick tour of Jordan including all the key sites of Amman, Jersh, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Kerak, Petra and Wadi Rum with optional Aqaba or Amman finish. Click here for full itinerary

Discovery Tour - 8 Days and 7 Nights - Start Amman, Finish Amman


This tour of Jordan visits all the key sites as well as Um Qais and Ajloun castle that rarely make it on to a group tour itinerary.  Click here for a full itinerary


Lawrence Tour - 7 Days and 6 Nights - Start Amman - Finish Aqaba


This tour is identical to the Discovery Tour but finishes in Aqaba at the end of Day Seven rather than returning for an overnight in Amman. It's perfect for those that want to include a few nights on the Red Sea or move on to Israel or Egypt. Click here for full itinerary

We operate weekly Guaranteed Departures on our small group tours of Jordan. With a maximum of 18 passengers you will be travelling with like minded people whilst enjoying the cost saving of a group. Check out our list of small group tours below all with favourable rates and fuly commissionable to the travel trade, as well as three and five star options. You and your clients will be in safe hands with us.

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Hotels Selection

For each itinerary you can choose between a Standard Hotel (usually 3 star or above) or a Deluxe Hotel (usually 5 star but very occasionally 4 star), depending on availability.

Terms and Conditions



1. All quotes are accurate at the time of production and take into account, where possible any future price increases and availability.


2. All rates are per person and guaranteed from the time of booking and paying the down payment until the end of the tour booked.


3. On receipt of a quote from Discover Circle / Jordan Circle Tours, please be aware that no bookings have been made and we do not hold any rooms or services in relation to quotes.


4. You will be advised if you are booking accommodation with limited availability in a traditionally busy period.


5. Once you have confirmed a quotation with Discovery Circle / Jordan Circle Tours we will book all relevant services and accommodation and advise you of any necessary changes.


6. Rates remain subject to availability on the day of booking.


7. All rates are inclusive of imposed taxes at the current rate.


8. Any changes in the tax structure will be reflected on the quoted rates and you shall be informed accordingly.


9. Discovery Circle Tours hold a permanent allotment at, and shall endeavour to accommodate you in, the hotels listed in this brochure. Should such allotments be sold out, Discovery Circle Tours shall offer you alternative properties of the same standard when confirming your reservation. Further, Discovery Circle Tours reserve the right to change a specific hotel at any time, if it is considered to be in the best interest of tour guests, or in case of a force majeure.


10. Discovery Circle Tours, its employees and agents give notice that, while every effort will be made to ensure that all services featured in a Tour shall be provided, they act as agents of various suppliers and shall not be held responsible for acts and omissions of said suppliers.


11. High season rates apply for tours that begin from February 01st to June 01st, September 1st to November 30th and December 20th to January 8th. Rates quoted for single room accommodation and half board supplement are valid throughout the year.


12. While every effort will be made, Discovery Circle Tours reserve the right to change the routing, sequence and departure time of a tour in case it is considered in the best interest of the tour guests, a site is closed or for reasons beyond their control.




Please note that the current procedures states that for groups and individuals travelling with an authorised and licensed Jordanian Tour Operator will receive Free Visas if staying more than 2 consecutive nights in Jordan. A free collective visa can be issued under the condition that the nationality of the clients is not restricted.


These procedures are subject to change without prior notice


If these rules are changed or amended clients may be required to purchase a Jordanian visa at the set rate (currently USD 58.00 per person).



Rooming & Passport List



* Initial rooming list of participants should be received “55” days prior to arrival.

* Final rooming list of participants should be received “30” days prior to arrival.



* Any specific rooming requirements should be received at the time of booking

* Full details should be received 30 days prior to arrival


Full passport details should be received “21” days prior to arrival and include


   * Full Name

   * Nationality

   * Passport Number

   * Place & Date of Issue

   * Date of expiry

   * Place & Date of Birth

   * Photocopy of Picture page    


Alteration or Cancellation


Any changes made to your booking within 7 weeks of arrival in Jordan will be subject to an administrative charge.


You may cancel a booking by giving written notice, which takes effect on the day Discovery Circle Tours receives notice – notice should be sent to [email protected] 


The scale of charges set out below will apply depending on when written notice is received.


* More than 60 days prior to arrival - No cancellation fees


* Between 59 -  40 days prior to arrival 25 % of the tour cost


* Between 39 – 20 days prior to arrival 50 % of the tour cost


* Between 19 – 7 days prior to arrival 75 % of the tour cost


* From 6 days - no show 95 % of the tour cost





Payment for Group and FIT booking are as follows


* 50 % down payment 60 days ahead of arrival.


* Remaining balance to be paid in full 32 days prior to arrival.

For mor informaiton on any of our tours including the latest pricing please contact us here

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